MT80 - waterproof personal tracker

MT80 picture

MT-60 is a personal tracker, which can be carried in a pocket, on a lanyard, in a specially developed plastic soft container or clipped on a belt with the holder. Due to the tracker's small size, weight, simple control and waterproof design it is ideal for children, people with disabilities, elderly people and pets. Long standby time – up to 12 days in “on demand location” mode, movement sensor, voice surveillance through a built-in microphone, internal data logger (black box), optional wireless charging and lockable bracelet (MT60x) make the tracker also a good choice for special or security applications (parcels, assets tracking, parolee surveillance and control). Special cradle allows charging device without detaching it from the bracelet. User can set up geo-fence, over-speed, movement and low battery alarms. For MT60x there are bracelet’s cut and open up alarms. Firmware is upgradable through USB or over the air (FOTA).


Positioning system: GPS or Glonass+GPS (customer requirement)
Communication: GSM / GPRS – quad band (850/900/1800/1900MHz)
Protection: IP67
Connectors: microUSB (on charging cradle) – charging, firmware upgrade
SIM cardholder – GSM provide
Buttons: SOS – send alarm
turn on/off & battery status
Indication: Red LED – power indication
Blue LED – GSM indication
Yellow LED – GPS indication
Battery working time*: 250 hours (“on demand” mode)
100 hours (geo-fence guard with interval 15 minutes)
3 hours (voice surveillance)
Voice communication: Built-in microphone (for surveillance)
Size: 55x43x13mm (w/o carrying case and/or cradle)
Weight: 51g (w/o carrying case and/or cradle)
Working temperature: -20 … +55C

* - working time is for indication only. It depends on the satellites' signal strength and GSM network conditions.